Telugu Association of Montreal

మాంట్రియల్ తాలుక తెలుగు సంఘం కి సుస్వాగతం. TAM (తెలుగు అసోసియేషన్ అఫ్ మాంట్రియల్), ఒక లాభాపేక్ష లేని సంఘం, క్యూబెక్ లో ఉన్న అందరు తెలుగు వారి కోసం స్థాపించబడినది.

Welcome to the official Telugu Association of Montreal (TAM), the non-profit organization established for the benefit of all Telugu people across Quebec.

Our Culture

The Telugu people are known for their rich culture that includes a wide range of performing arts, drama, music, arts and crafts, and cuisine.

Our Language

Telugu (/ˈtɛlʊɡuː/;తెలుగు, Telugu pronunciation: [ˈteluɡu]) is a Dravidian language spoken by Telugu people predominantly living in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, where it is also the official language.

Our People

Telugu people (Telugu: తెలుగువారు, romanized: Teluguvāru), or Telugus, or Telugu vaaru, are the largest of the four major Dravidian ethnolinguistic groups in terms of population. Telugus are native to the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and the Yanam district of Puducherry.

Yugadi (Ugadi)

Yugadi or Ugadi , also known as Samvatsarādi (lit. 'Beginning of the Year'), is New Year's Day for Telugu people. Every year, late March or early April, TAM conducts UGADI celebrations

Summer Picnic

We organize a summar picnic wherein many Telugu families in & around Montreal come and enjoy a fun time. Delicious potlucks, games for adults and childen are some of the wonderful things at this event.

Deepawali Celebrations

Diwali (English: /dɪˈwɑːliː/), Dewali, Divali, or Deepavali (IAST: dīpāvalī), also known as the Festival of Lights. TAM conducts this event in late October or early November

Our Diwali 23 Celebrations Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

It is all about inclusion & togetherness

Both inclusion and togetherness are extraordinarily displayed in the picture taken at our Summer picnic. Many parents were visiting during this season, and having a well-organized picnic gave them much-needed familiarity. Our culture, our language, and our people are our pride.

Telugu Association of Montreal (well known as TAM) is a people-organized entity with a set of bylaws, guidelines, and self-governance to help promote everything Telugu-related in the region.


Our Sponsorship Patrons

TAM has been conducting successful events for many years. Apart from the generous volunteer support, TAM would also need financial support/sponsorship from both the community sponsors as well as business sponsors. 

The recent success of Diwali 2022 event was supported by the sponsors showcased here.

We are grateful for their monetary contributions.

TAM Executive Committee

For 2022-2025 (rolling basis, each member’s term is 2 years)

Shashidhar Jakkepally (23-25)

Shashidhar is living in Montreal for the past 10 years, and is a scientist by profession in pharmaceutical research.

Kumar Rajiv Prasanth Balabomma (23-25)

Rajiv has been living in Montreal for the last 10 years. Believes in TAM platform and its abilitiy to connect with other Telugu people.

Vyshampayan Datar (23-25)

Vyshampayn has been living in Montreal for 5 years. As an influencer, he believes in channelling his experiences into socio-cultural activities, bridging communities and celebrating our global diversity.

Saradhi Bhaskarabhatla (24-26)

Saradhi has been residing in Montreal for approximately five years. In Montreal, he actively contributes to the community by teaching Telugu to children. His interests include exploring diverse cultures while maintaining a strong connection to his own heritage.

Divya Doppalapudi (24-26)

Sri Divya Doppalapudi, a graduate of Concordia University in Montreal, is passionate about traveling, reading, and playing sports. Sri Divya is dedicated to making a positive impact by organizing and participating in events that unite individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Excellent feedback received after the Diwali 2022 event

Amazing experience. I and my family members absolutely loved this event. From the start to the end, it was very entertaining. The ticketing and admission were very efficient.

We loved the auditorium as well.

Audience at Diwali-22
Diwali 2022 is a sold out event. The team has implemented online ticketing and it was a breeze buying the tickets. The admission process was very smooth for a family of 6. Best of all, the programs have started on-time.

Audience at Diwali-22
The over all event was so sucessful. Some of the programs were outstanding. We had a wonderful dinner afterward. The food was very delicisious. And the ticket price for all of this was unbelievably low. The team told they kept the price low so that all families could attend.

Audience at Diwali-22
Audience at Diwali-2023
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