TAM wishes you Happy Sankranti!

Telugu Association of Montreal would like to wish you all a Happy Sankranti.

Makar(a) Sankranti (Sanskrit: मकरसङ्क्रान्ति, romanizedMakarasaṅkrānti),[1] also referred to as UttarayanaMaghi, or simply Sankranti, is a Hindu observance and a festival. Usually falling on the date of January 15 annually,[2][3][4] this occasion marks the transition of the Sun from the zodiac of Sagittarius (dhanu) to Capricorn (makara).[5][2][6] Since the Sun is regarded to have moved from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere on this day in the Hindu calendar, the festival is dedicated to the solar deity, Surya,[7] and is observed to mark a new beginning.[8] Many native multi-day festivals are organised on this occasion all over India.